Engaging students!

As part of our Office 365 rollout we engaged students from day one on the project. I would like to share with you the benefits of working with students and how this can help in the rollout of Office 365. We initially spoke to students to find out how they learnt (outside the school) and in general the feedback related to :

  • people send me stuff on Facebook
  • I have been using Microsoft Office since primary school

So with these two major factors we decided on an Office 365 tenancy with a rule to make it “simple for teachers to share information” and using a technology that both students and staff understood from day one.


Student Ownership of the rollout led us to appoint Harry Traynor and Paul Harvey as Office 365 experts, who worked with us to manage the rollout, design of the SharePoint online site and supporting end users in school.   Its great to give students the opportunities in school to develop something that will help others and also use the flare and natural talent to bring ideas to the table.  They have both been recognised by fellow students as making a “Contribution to Whole Student Life” as the school goes forward.

One of the first things they came up with is a series of clever posters to start marketing Office 365 to students around the school, the campaign generated a lot of interest.   My favourite was the PowerPoint poster:


Again another great way to show how involving students at an early date can bring great help to your Office 365 rollout, as well as having a bit of fun mixed in.