Working with Tablet Academy to promote the use of devices in Education

Wymondham High Academy has recently become a training centre working in-conjunction with the team from Tablet Academy.      Tablet Academy have an extreme wealth of knowledge about using tablets in education,  we can now offer this to educational establishments in Norfolk.

We are hoping the ‘try before you buy event’ will be a success and give schools the ability to think first and buy later.  This really means that schools looking to embed mobile platforms in the classroom need to make the technology seamless, by working out how it will effect classroom learning, classroom demographics and pedagogy in school. This kind of event allows this to happen in the company of  experts.  The last thing a  school needs is ‘here are twenty tablets – what do we do now with them now’  scenario.

tablet academy
Tablet Academy

We are looking forward to running our first event with the Tablet Academy on 30th April for schools in Norfolk to evaluate the various mobile  platforms and range of Apps that now exist in the market.   I truly believe this will be an ‘eye-opener’ for many schools entering the mobile market.

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