The Microsoft Office 2013 benefit

I had an interesting conversation with one of my colleagues today about VLE’s, Google Drive and Office 365!.  He was concerned that with our school in the move to Office 365 that this would be just another ‘tech fad’ and he would expect that there will be another system coming along in the next few years.

Microsoft Office creating results
Use of Office in the class and the cloud leads to student certifications in Microsoft Office

So I then drew an upside down triangle to explain the benefits to our students.   As you can see we have Office 2013 installed in school and via Student Advantage (available free through OVS licensing) you can now license Office 365 ProPlus software to students for free.

This means the days of different versions of Office at home and at school, and IT teams having to convert older file types are now a thing of the past.

We then use Office 365 in the cloud to give the ability for using documents in the cloud using OneDrive for Education (I hope I got that right).

With students using Microsoft at home, at school and in the cloud, as a school we then back these skills by using the Microsoft IT Academy program.  The IT Academy gives school access to a range of training materials, curriculum plans and lesson plans to deliver a wide range of IT courses.

This allows us to offer the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2013 certification to students allowing them to get up skilled  with industry recognised skills to help make them career or college ready.

So by standardising on Microsoft Office  in school and investing in the Microsoft IT Academy we have a natural path to give our students real world certifications recognised by industry.

So when we read things like :

A recent IDC Study, which scanned more than 14 million job postings, found that the most in-demand skills for the top jobs through 2020 are the modern skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork, coupled with the technical skills of Microsoft Office.  In fact, Microsoft Office is the No. 2 skill employers are looking for in the highest-paying jobs, and No. 3 skill in all jobs.

As a school we are matching student outcomes with real-world needs in technology.

For more information on the IT Academy


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