Working with Students

Today is the first day of the half term holiday, and I found myself working with our Office 365 student team.   We had decided to change a few things with our basic SharePoint layout as in the new term the whole school will be using Office 365.

It never ceases to amaze me the ideas our students come up with and sometime as adults we can make these things to complicated.  So using SharePoint online and ‘Changing the look’ of the site we have again evolved our SharePoint.   That’s the great thing about SharePoint Online, it can evolve as you want it to do in your school.   It may need to serve as a simple mechanism for sharing information to students, you may want to create some department websites, or you may want to connect it to your school’s management information system, the possibilities are endless.

Wymondham SharePoint
Sometimes the most simplistic designs do the work for you

The look and feel is left in the hands of the in school Office 365 (now known as the ‘O’ Team), this has now become a cross curricular project with our Art Department which is giving students a real world business model to work with.

So if you are in school and have a IT Project that the school is delivering I would urge you to get students on board and work with their creativity and ideas. Give them ‘ownership’ in a project that effects other students, and they will take pride in the work, and they definitely regard them selves as ‘giving something back’.

Working with students can be very rewarding for the school and fellow students
Working with students can be very rewarding for the school and fellow students

Get students involved with Technology in your school, its a great partnership to have.

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