Old Buckenham High School – welcomes Office 365

Old Buckenham High School
Old Buckenham High School

Old Buckenham High School has chosen to work with Wymondham High Academy on their Office 365 rollout.   This post looks at how quick transformational change can occur in school.

After an initial discussion with head teacher Aron Whiles in December and showing him how Office 365 had empowered student collaboration at Wymondham High, the decision was made to start Old Buckenham High School on its Office 365  journey.

The reason for the journey is best described by headteacher Aron Whiles:

Aron Whiles - Head teacher Old Buckenham High School
Aron Whiles – Head teacher Old Buckenham High School

Old Buckenham High School is a rural Norfolk school that is embarking on its very own exciting digital journey with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. The school currently has a very basic ICT infrastructure and limited student access to digital devices to support learning.

Two months ago we began our work with Kevin Sait, Head of IT strategy at Wymondham High Academy in Norfolk. Following our first meeting with Kevin and after being shown what he and his team have developed through Microsoft 365 at Wymondham, I knew that we had to begin this journey ourselves. 

After three short meetings with Kevin and his team at Wymondham High and only 4 weeks, Old Buckenham High School are already up and running with Microsoft 365. Our leadership group are now trialling 365 as well as a group of Year 9 students in their ICT lessons.

We have already been approached by Norfolk Local Authority to work collaboratively (led and supported  by Kevin and his team) to be the first Norfolk LA school to embrace Microsoft 365 as the core of our school and home learning environments.

The coming months promise to be an exciting time at Old Buckenham High School. Follow our exciting journey on Twitter @OldBuckenhamHS.


Aron Whiles

Headteacher Old Buckenham High School

We started by organising a free 30 day demo via Office365.com .  We then added a domain name to use with the tenancy and qualified for educational discount. This took about a week to organise.

The next stage in the Old Buckenham rollout plan is to work with the Leadership Group to gain a full understanding of how Office 365 can ‘level the playing field’ for students.  We will also be working with the student body to create an internal ‘Office team’ to help with development and rollout throughout the school.

By the end of April students should be able to work seamlessly in the cloud on any internet connected devices, in school and at home. They should be able to do this without worrying about losing formatting or layout. This will make the technology transparent and allow teachers to teach and students to learn.

Mapped into the Microsoft IT Academy is MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)  certification.This means the school can then begin to offer students the opportunity of up-skilling with industry recognised qualifications while they are learning.

For more information on Old Buckenham High Schools Office 365 for students follow headteacher Aron Whiles @OldBuckenhamHS


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