Cloud Migrator = happiness for the IT Man


When we changed our email from Google Apps to Office 365 mid term we had plenty of questions from staff about existing email.   We used the educational pricing from CloudMigrator to move Google data into Office 365 in the space of one weekend, this equalled happiness for the IT man.

CloudMigrator was recommended to me by James Marshall from Microsoft, and  has proved more than its worth making migration and simple and easy process.

To get started we downloaded the ‘demo’ version from the CloudMigrator site.    Then setup our configuration file with details of what service we were migrating from, and what service we are migrating to.  We could then test this on the demo version. Once we were happy the configuration file worked we then order enough licenses to cover the migration.

Configuring CloudMigrator is made simple with its logical menu layout.

CloudMigrator support various cloud services, in the case of going from Google to Office 365 we needed to prepare ourselves with some information before the migration.

From Google it was

  1. The Domain Name
  2. Admin Account Name
  3. Admin Password
  4. Consumer Key (same as the domain name)
  5. Consumer Secret (Available from the Google Management Panel)
  6. API Key  (Available from the Google Management Panel)

These are added in the configuration tab on CloudMigrator.


Next you need your Global Administrator details for Office 365 (it might be a good idea to set a GA up for the migration purpose.)  You will add these to destination Platform Server Settings on the configuration screen.

Make sure if you are migrating from one domain to a new domain you add the new Domain Name in the Office 365 settings.


Next select Users /Resources and select which users you want to migrate. If you have users with a different name (i.e. married etc.) you can click on the import name and override it. This was very useful on a number of occasions.

Select the users you wish to import
Select the users you wish to import

Once you have completed the selection click on the Progress tab and choose Start.

For more information on how CloudMigrator can help with your migration and give you a relaxing weekend check out


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