Social Media Success Story with Yammer

Yammer - let works like a social network!
Yammer – let works like a social network!

Tomorrow students from our school will take part in a global YamJam with Microsoft and Yammer to promote Social in Education.   I thought I would share with you a success story about a bunch of students that were set an interesting challenge.

About a month ago a challenge was set to our Student Digital Leader group, it when along the lines of this:

is to take aerial pictures of the school using a computer, you have a small budget and can utilise any resource you find in the school

Now the interesting part in the challenge is ‘the resource’ and I will explain that later in the post.

The Student Digital Leader group are primarily Year 7 & 8 students who have a keen interest in IT and Computing, and between them they decided they would use a Raspberry Pi computer to complete the task.  I soon had a proposal on how the challenge would work and agreed to order a battery pack and camera for the Pi which duly turned up.

The next stage was to get the PI working, as a webserver with its camera.    So the resource they turned to was Yammer !   They put a post out on the school Yammer for anyone who could help with configuring the PI,  the team soon got a reply for Year 11 students Nick McGee and Jason Brown.

Year 11 student Jason Brown helped out.
Year 11 student Jason Brown helped out.

   The Yammer feed soon began to grow with information being exchanged and eventually a face to face meeting, now the SDL team have a working PI ready for the next phase.

What did this prove to me as we go forward?  Social is an immensely powerful tool allowing students to connect with there peers and other resources to problem solve issues.  The fact it can inspire students to learn from other students, gives students confidence in talking to other peer groups and allow to problem solve on there own.

So tomorrow these student will be working with colleagues from Yammer Inc and Microsoft Corp to promote the use of Social Media in Education in  a global YamJam.    This is another great opportunity for our students to be on a global stage but also interact with companies like Yammer where previously we haven’t been able to.

Yammer Enterprise is free to Office 365 Education customers and offers your staff and students the chance to develop key skills for the future.


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