Old Buckenham High School – going about it the right way.

Old Buckenham High School
Old Buckenham High School


A few weeks I made an intial post about the work I am involved in at Old Buckenham High School, to help develop a transformational change in technology use throughout the school. This is an update to that post and I thought I would share this with you, to show how quick things can move forward!

The initial meeting started some 3 months ago to talk about the work Wymondham High have done with Office 365 in the classroom.    The SLT team led by Head Teacher Aron Whiles @aronwhiles looked at IT provision from the ground up, and before buying devices wanted to make sure the infrastructure for the school was correct.

Quotes were sourced and replacement  switches were purchased and installed by Network Development Manager Martin Faulkner over the Easter break.   Meanwhile Business Manager Lorraine Collins had been busy organising a Wi-Fi site survey of the school, with suppliers breaking down  the quote into logical sections, to allow a phased introduction over a period of time.

While this was going on Martin had also configured ‘Cloud Migrator’ and migrated all of the SLT team data into Office 365 from Google Apps.   He now knows that migrating other staff members ‘is just a flick of the IT switch away’.

The school has scheduled a Student Digital Leader program to support students and staff with Office 365, whole school assemblies to launch a new way of learning, and drop in workshops for staff to up skill themselves.

Office for IPad coming to OBHS
Office for IPad coming to OBHS

With all this happening students at the school will be able to soon enjoy and gain skills in todays technology, added to this Student Advantage where students can gain the latest version of Microsoft Office for the home PC and also lets not forget Office IPad for free.

These are exciting times at Old Buckenham High School and I am sure by September ‘transformational change’ in the classroom will be well under way.

For more information on this journey follow Aron Whiles @aronwhiles



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