Old Buckenham High School welcomes Office 365

This afternoon, saw the launch of Office 365 at Old Buckenham High School as it made its first steps from Google to the Microsoft platform. We launched Office 365 to staff to get them familiarised with the platform and also to the schools newly appointed Digital Leader Team.

We started the session with a presentation as a ‘first touch for Office 365’ to reassure staff, that if they can use Microsoft Office then they can use Office 365. Followed by my colleague Harry Traynor, showing examples of working with SharePoint sites, and also understanding the concept of OneDrive for Business.

The new digital leader ambassadors were impressed by the ability to share documents in OneDrive and work collaboratively with other students.

They also liked the school has subscribed to Student Advantage, allowing all 650 students to download the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for use on their home devices.

When teaching staff saw this added to the fact they could easily edit SharePoint sites to share great resources with students then you could see that they recognised the benefits.

We also discussed using Office 365 to ‘Work like a network’, allowing students to think of education outside the walls of the school and connect to other schools to share resources using services like Microsoft Lync and Yammer Enterprise.

The school will be installing a RUKUS Wi-Fi solution in the summer holidays and also purchasing an initial number of Windows 8.1 devices to use round the school.

With Norfolk County Council rolling out Office 365 for schools in Norfolk, Old Buckenham High School has really been able to prove that they can shape their own future in a very short space of time.


The next part of the journey

The Digital Leader team

We are now arranging to train the Digital Leader team on working with SharePoint online and to help support staff members in creating content. These Digital Leaders will help shape the future for students in using Office products and be trailblazers for the peers.

The teaching staff

Teaching staff are now beginning to look at new ways of how this technology can begin affect teaching and learning in the school. This is the first steps on the road to mixing technology with great teaching to empower students to become social and enquiry based learners of the future.

Using the technology

Making the right choice of device for the mobile arena is an important one, and key staff members are looking at Windows 8.1 devices including the Dell Venue 8, and the Toshiba WT8 . Again they have been working with students to help make the right decision making sure the students are involved in shaping their own futures at the school.

If your school is looking to move forward in the mobile arena and empower students to use cloud technologies to empower learning then Old Buckenham prove you can begin to shape your own destiny in a short space of time.

For more information on the journey follow @oldbuckenhamhs




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