Welcome to Office Sway

Light up your presentations with Office Sway!

Office Sway is a new product in the Office portfolio. Sway allows you to collect thoughts and ideas from multiple sources and lay them out in a storyboard fashion.  Then Sway does its magic, and lays the content out in various design formats.

What do I like about Sway?  Well as a PowerPoint guy I never quite managed the slick Slide Deck that I see at conferences, Sway makes this happen allowing me to work on the content delivery.

Sway - build exciting stuff
Simply build your Sway in a logical storyboard method

You can add media, text, social media from various sources from the Sway menu.  You can also add tweets, which is a great opportunity for students to interact and bring the latest information from social media  into a Sway for use in the classroom.

Once you have completed your Sway you can share this into Social Media, (Twitter/Facebook at present), publisize a sharing link or even embed the Sway into a web page or SharePoint site.

Sway is in an early release at the moment but by looking at the commands ‘coming soon’ it promises to be a real hidden gem in the Microsoft Office portfolio.


The finished product

Is a highly polished online presentation. The great thing in this mobile first world we live in is that a Sway is device responsive so this looks equally good on a smartphone as much as a desktop PC.


To see the finished version check out my Sway about the team of guys I work with in the ‘O’ Team at Wymondham High.

The O Team Sway

With the uptake of mobile devices and especially BYOD, Sway is a great way to get your message across in the classroom.  Why not give it a try at http://sway.com

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