TEDxNorwichED: My take on thinking differently about education is about why schools need to embrace technology!

What is education? Its about teaching students to learn for the outside world.. It doesn’t get better than Jason Brown’s story

Jason Brown

By JASON BROWN, Friday April 1st 2016

All photographs in this article (apart from any screen captures from Twitter) were taken by James Neale who photographed TEDxNorwichED unless otherwise stated. See the whole album on Flickr here

All links to go said person’s Twitter page.

‘Technology in education’ is kind of what I do. I’ve been a Worldwide Microsoft Student Ambassador for Wymondham High Academy since November 2014 and since then have had some great experiences such as presenting about how technology can be used to make a positive impact in education at the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Seattle, USA and at the Microsoft in Education UK Redefining Learning event at the Microsoft offices in Cardinal Place, Victoria, London. I’ve made some fantastic friends as a Student Ambassador, one of whom, fellow Student Ambassador Ghina Kanawati from Beirut, Lebanon, I speak to every day. I have been put in…

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